June 4, 2008

The Leadership Journey Begins

Is there really enough room in cyberspace for another blog on leadership? Well, I say a resounding YES! As an Organizational Psychologist, I bring a perspective that attends to both the personal and the organizational---and leadership is all about the dynamic between these two realms.

Some folks are scared off by the word "Psychology", fearing that it is too focused on the soft and fuzzy as opposed to business competencies. But consider this: Being a great leader means having the personal skills, courage and commitment to make things happen.....
  • It means being resilient---able to bounce back after adversity.
  • Being a communicator---able to have the difficult conversation when needed.
  • Being a decision-maker--not afraid to make the tough decisions.
  • Being humble--keeping your eyes on the prize and at times helping others to take credit for success
  • Being agile---able to deal with complexity and change in a world filled with enormous challenges
Yes, business and technical skills are critical. But Leadership is also personal and leaders today need a high level of self awareness and resilience to be successful.

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