September 1, 2008

We all need a little vacation every now and then

Do you feel guilty when it's time to take your vacation? Do you worry about all the things that may go wrong while you are away enjoying yourself with a little R and R?

Here in the U.S., unlike certain other places, we find it difficult to find the time to get away from our work. However, that "away" time is actually good for us and the job. It allows for valuable time for reflection; time to be rejuvenated, to gain a new perspective on our work and lives, and if all goes well, return to work with a renewed spirit. It also allows us to be WHOLE --to be people who can spend time with family, leisure activities, our community.

When we do finally decide to take some time off, we often work longer hours in preparation for our time away, and work much harder upon our return. No wonder we hesitate.

Then there are the incessant emails..........we can use our technology wisely or as an albatross. If having your blackberry or iphone or whatever helps you feel you can keep a little in control of things, I say why not. However, you should guard against the notion that you cannot be away from your work at all. In most cases, there is someone who can cover for you while you are away. And the reality is: no one is indispensable. Maybe things will happen a little differently, but business will generally proceed as usual.

So go take a vacation.....and don't worry, there will be plenty of work left for you when you return!

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