July 18, 2008

Leadership in Healthcare

Our healthcare system is in trouble. Does anyone negate this point?

OK, we are likely in agreement here, the question is what to do about it. There are simple and not-so-simple answers. One payor system, more insurance options, greater consumer responsibility, pay for performance, six sigma and lean quality programs, improved technology, more primary care physicians, innovative primary care solutions, increase in nurses and technicians, streamlined payment systems, and more.

Healthcare is an excellent case study for examining what is needed in leadership today. The system is so complex and multi-faceted that it demands leadership that is equally complex. No one person is going to solve this problem. There are too many players involved and unfortunately they sometimes have competing interests. These include: pharmaceutical companies, insurers, medical device companies, physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals, businesses, governmental agencies, oh and least we forget: patients.

Solving the healthcare crisis requires leadership that will help us achieve what we all want: good quality, accessible care that is affordable. It requires leaders who can see the big picture, understand the complexities, communicate effectively and involve the key stakeholders to arrive at innovative solutions.

Are we preparing today's leaders to meet these challenges?

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