July 25, 2008

Why I love technology (and you should too!)

Standing in the Apple line at the Burlington Mall waiting for the "privilege" to buy my new iphone, I had the time to reflect upon my relationship to technology.

As a consultant, I am a change agent. I help organizations and their leaders develop, grow, expand their capabilities and be more effective in achieving their business results. Which is why I love technology: its all about change.

Other reasons:

-Its fun
-It saves time
-Its challenging
-Your kids can't make fun of you for being non-tech savvy (don't worry, they'll find something else!).

Too many people resist change, innovation and new technology which is unfortunate. Is it fear, frustration, general resistance to change or progress? Nostalgia and a desire for the good old days when things were simpler? True, technology can be used for good or evil, and we can become slaves to our new fancy applications.....like the need to check your emails 24/7...why? Because you can!

Nonetheless, we are in a world of fast moving new technological apps and if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to embrace change rather than resist it.

Meanwhile, I need to go find out if my iphone is going to sync with my Mac desktop. What a pain!


  1. I really enjoyed your blog. when technology is
    Time saver
    Increase the productivity
    Give more benefit
    Easy to use
    Require less hard work
    comfortable for the workers
    Then How can we ignore it? No, never at all. Technology is life blood for every organization.

  2. I so love technology as well, it makes our lives a lot more easy and simpler.

  3. I love technology too! I wonder if you have more pictures like this one

  4. Standing in the Apple line at the Burlington Mall waiting for the "privilege" to buy my new iphone, Google Music Desktop Player

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