July 30, 2008

Sales Leadership Advice: Stop Selling!

Attended the Worcester Business Journal Sales Awards Breakfast today where 20 top sales people from Central Massachusetts received awards for their Sales Success.

Much of the focus on Sales Success was attributed to what some may call "psychological factors", notably: listening more "selling" less; More focus on the customer/client, less on your own products or services; More emphasis on developing relationships less on "closing technique"; More on managing people less on managing metrics.

Of course, the bottom line in sales is sales, i.e. making the numbers. But the critical question is: What, exactly, is the best way to get there? In most cases, it is by developing the art of communication, building sound relationships, understanding the needs and wants of your customers, demonstrating integrity and developing trust that you will deliver as promised.

Sounds rather personal, if you ask me.


  1. I'm really sorry I missed Scott Zimmerman's presentation at the Summit. This is a great writeup of it. Thanks for sharing.

    Did you attend any of the afternoon presentations?

  2. Thanks, Pete, I did not make the Sales Summit afternoon events but looked over your ppt and it looks good. Just started blogging in June--finding it fun and profitable!